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Sound Healing at Your Location

  • TBD-depending group
  • At Your Location (studio/event)

Service Description

Book me to do a Sound Healing session at your retreat, your yoga/pilates studio, for your employees at your office, or at your special event, such as a birthday party, wedding, funeral, etc. Max. 40 participants. After a short introduction, together we will identify which one of your energy centers (chakras) needs special attention today to unblock stagnations and restore balance. We will start the session with some powerful pranayama breathing exercises to release stuck energy and trapped emotions. We will then move into a blissful sound bath created by crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, gong, rainstick and chimes to calm your nervous system, restore balance in your body and reach deep relaxation. To deepen the healing, Tibetan bowls will be played on your body. You will leave feeling completely relaxed, calm and rejuvenated! (*The quoted price is based on a booking from Mon-Sat at a location within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Surcharges may apply.)

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Bondi Beach NSW, Australia

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