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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Optimally Prepare for a Sound Healing?

Please make sure you:

✭ wear comfortable clothes

✭ are well-hydrated

✭ have finished eating at least 1.5 hours before the sound healing starts 

✭ keep your alcohol and caffeine intake to an absolute minimum for the previous 24 hours before the sound healing starts


What to Wear During a Sound Healing Event or Private Session?

You can wear anything you are comfortable and warm in. As you will be laying down for a longer period of time without movement, your body will naturally cool down. In order to not feel cold, we encourage you to wear a warm jumper or cardigan and long, comfortable pants. 


What to Bring to a Sound Healing Event?

Please bring the following items to ensure you are comfortable and warm: 

✭ yoga mat

✭ blanket

✭ pillow and/or bolster

✭ eye pillow (or anything to cover your eyes)


How to Best Book a Private Sound Healing Session at Seed of Life Healing?

To book a private Sound Healing session, please click here.


What Are Chakras?

Please refer to our Chakras page for detailed information.


What Are Brainwaves?

Please refer to our Brainwaves page for detailed information.


How Are Crystal Singing Bowls Made and What Are They Made of?

Crystal singing bowls are made from silica sand, which is pure crystal quartz in nature. The sand is dropped into a centrifugal force spinning mold. At the right moment, an electric arc is struck in the center of that mold. This raises the temperature to about 4000 °C and the silica fuses into an amorphous glass. The bowls emit a powerful, pure resonance. The thickness of the bowl, as well as the height and diameter, determine the specific vibrational frequency of the bowl. Most commonly, crystal bowls are white, frosted. Some are clear, like glass.

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