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In synergy with Seed of Life Healing's sound healing services, we've expertly crafted and locally produce potent natural products to clear and balance your chakras, elevating your spiritual journey to new heights.

Enhance your sound healing and meditation rituals with our meticulously crafted Hypercharged Chakra Oils! Specifically designed to resonate with the vibrational frequencies of the energy centers, each oil has been tailored to one of the 7 main energy centres in your body (chakras): 

  • Every oil features small crystals related to its chakra, coupled with the chakra's specific botanicals, and a unique blend of 100% pure, high-quality, natural essential oils designed specifically for that chakra.

  • To hypercharge the oils with the vibrations and frequencies of its chakra, each bottle is placed in its corresponding chakra crystal bowl and a sound healing is performe

To help you decide which hypercharged Chakra Oil is best suited for you, please refer to our Chakras page or contact us for some free expert advice!











Palm Oil

SEED OF LIFE HEALING uses all natural ingredients - NO: parabens, silicones, sulphates, fragrances, synthetics, chemicals, palm oil or anything else nasty! All our products are made with love and intention in Bondi Beach, Australia and have never been tested on animals. 


Elise Bossuyt

Barcelona, Spain

"Seed of Life Healing's Chakra Oils are more than just products; they are gateways to a heightened spiritual journey. The attention to detail in the creation process and the alchemical infusion truly make these elixirs a valuable addition to anyone seeking a profound connection with their inner energy centers."

Cleophea Tincati
Genoa, Italy

"Seed of Life Healing's hyper-charged chakra oils are pure healing. I absolutely love the scent of my heart chakra oil! An amazing feeling to massage my heart area with it in the mornings and evenings to activate my heart energy. Helps me to stay more in my heart and to be kind and compassionate. So extremely wonderful and they just look stunning in my space."

Laura Hipperson

Bondi Beach, Australia

"I’ve had many chakra oils before, but have to say that the ones made by Seed of Life Healing are extraordinary! I love the extra special touch of the gemstones inside the bottle and the fact that they are hyper-charged. A bottle of true magic!"

Alexandra Davidsson

Stockholm, Sweden

"Viktoria’s oils are sacred to me. I cannot come up with a better word to describe their meaning to me. Everytime I use them I do it consciously and as a support remedy for my body and soul. I purchased them after participating in a wonderful sound healing session online, and they travelled half across the globe; loaded with the energy from that event. I usually use them while meditating in the tub, listening to recordings of crystal bowls. I feel grounded, loved and protected each time. I full heartedly recommend these gems! With love from Alexandra!"

Alec Ross-Fuller

Darwin, Australia

"Savoring Seed of Life Healing's Chakra Meditation Tea and applying the hypercharged Third Eye Chakra Oil before meditation greatly supports and enhances my practice. Trust me, I could not recommend these balancing products more highly - they contribute to deepening my meditation, calming my mind, and soothing my nervous system."

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