Balance your Throat Chakra and start expressing your true self with this clearing oil! 


Hypercharged Oil: Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

30 ml / 1 fl. oz., reusable glass dropper bottle


Therapeutic Benefits:

The hypercharged Throat Chakra Oil will help balance your Throat Chakra and support you in Communication and Self-Expression.

A clearing oil ideally to apply before presentations, public speaking or difficult conversations.


If you answer any of the following questions with 'yes', then your Throat Chakra may be out of balance and this oil will be right for you:

  • Do you find it challenging to say and express what you are truly feeling?
  • Do you struggle to clearly communicate your needs?
  • Do you find it hard to stick up for yourself and others?
  • Are you excessively shy and have a fear of speaking?
  • Do you talk too much, like to gossip or complain a lot?


How to Use:

Before applying your Throat Chakra Oil, become mindful and present. Put some drops in your hands, rub them together, put your hands close to your face and take a few deep breaths inhaling and enjoying the scent, while saying the following affirmations:

I speak my truth - I am heard - I am ready to express myself

Then massage this fast-absorbing oil into the skin around your Throat Chakra: throat and neck. This oil will infuse your skin with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to rejuvenate and restore. Due to its hydrating and moisturizing properties, this chakra oil can also be used as an overall body and hair oil, or add a few drops to your bath. Suited for all skin types. External use only. 

Due to the citrus essential oil compounds in this diluted oil, it may cause photosensitivity. Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays on the applied skin area for up to 12 hours.



Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Amazonite Gemstones, Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers, Unique Throat Chakra Blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils, Vit. E Oil


Natural Scent: 

Notes of purifying bergamot, clearing eucalyptus and more high-quality pure essential oils.


Product Description:

Each oil is specifically tailored to one of the 7 main energy centres in your body (chakras). Each oil contains small gemstones related to its chakra, its chakra flower/herb and a unique chakra blend of 100% pure, natural essential oils.

To hypercharge the oils with the vibrations and frequencies of its chakra, each bottle is placed in its corresponding chakra crystal bowl and a sound healing is performed.


🌿100% natural  🐮vegan  🐰never tested on animals


🚫NO parabens. NO silicones. NO sulphates. NO artificial fragrances. NO synthetics. NO chemicals. NO palm oil.


All products at SEED OF LIFE HEALING are made with love and intention in Bondi Beach, Australia.

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