Sound Healing

At Seed of Life Healing we use a range of sound healing instruments to calm the nervous system, restore balance in the body and induce a deeply relaxed state. Our sound healing instruments include crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, large gongs, tingshas, rainsticks and chimes. Our singing bowls are tuned to the seven main energy centers in the body (chakras).


When the chakras are balanced and harmonised, our energy is free-flowing, allowing prana (life force energy) to flow through them, keeping us healthy, happy, vibrant and energized. To optimally prepare the body for the healing sounds and to release trapped energy, we use powerful breathing techniques (pranayama) which will amplify the healing effects.

Based in Bondi Beach, Australia we offer:​​

  • Private sound healing sessions 

  • Chakra balancing sound healing events

  • Full/New Moon sound healing events


Chakra Oils

To complement our service of sound healing, we have developed and locally make natural products, such as hypercharged Chakra Oils, that help increase your wellbeing and deepen your healing.


The Science Behind Sound Healing

In today’s fast-paced world, stress levels are at an all-time high. People often find it difficult to switch off and quieten the busy mind. During times of stress, our brainwaves are in a high beta frequency which can affect overall wellbeing, creativity, productivity, concentration and mood.

During a Sound Healing session, the sound waves and vibrations of the singing bowls enter the participant’s brain and body. The brainwaves start to synchronise with the vibrations of the bowls – guiding the participant’s brainwaves into a theta state.

The left and right hemispheres of the brain begin to balance. A similar effect of coherence and synchronisation also occurs within the body, harmonising the nervous system and reducing stress and anxiety. Feelings of calmness, relaxation and bliss arise. When our brainwaves slow down and our nervous system comes into balance, we become calm and relaxed, at the same time creative, energized and inspired.


Experience the Benefits of Sound Healing

During a sound healing session, a coherent energetic pattern is created in the brain and body. The frequencies and vibrations created by the singing bowls activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which:

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • creates calmness and relaxation

  • quietens the mind

  • improves sleep

  • increases creativity

  • deepens meditation

  • rejuvenates and regenerates the body

  • revives energy levels after illness or burnout


Who Can Benefit From a Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is great for anyone who is looking to slow down their busy, fast-paced life, to bring more harmony, compassion and health into their life. It is particularly helping anyone who:

  • is stressed or anxious

  • finds it difficult to relax or switch off

  • has a racing mind

  • feels drained or depleted

  • struggles with sleep or insomnia

  • finds it hard to meditate on their own

  • wants to deepen their meditation

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